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Working Package 3

UWA-DEEE selects and configures the digital 2D/3D/holographic projection tools that will add a digital component to theatre plays of WP1. The recorded plays are processed digitally to insert projected digital characters that interact with real-life actors and thus produce a hybrid event. The developed hybrid events are adjusted and optimized by all three partners, in repeated cycles, until they are considered satisfactory by UoP-DTS. A number of interventions with public are planned to collect data for analysis and evaluation of results, for the acceptability and efficiency of hybrid events. Evaluation results are published in conference or journal.


D.3.1 Report on selection, purchase and configuration of a 2D/3D/holographic projection system [M12]

D.3.2 Digitally processed theatre play recordings where digital characters are inserted [M24]

D.3.3 Interventions using the hybrid event (documentation videos and evaluation data) [M30]

D.3.4 Publication of the results in conference proceedings or journal (the published paper) [M36]