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Working Package 2

In parallel and in WP2, NOA-IG and UWA-DEEE select parts of the same education material to design and develop a VR learning environment for earthquake and protection measures. The digital result will be integrated in the plays during the next phase, in order to improve its effect on the audience. Ongoing evaluations will take place in this WP.


D.2.1 Learning contents body on: (a) the earthquake phenomenon, (b) protection from its consequences,and (c) citizen seismology (in text form) [M6]

D.2.2 VR learning environment complete with learning content (VR hardware & software application) [M18]

D.2.3 Evaluation report on results from embedding VR components in theatre plays (technical report) [M24]

D.2.4 Publication of results in conference proceedings or journal (the published paper) [M30]